In his own words, Bob Skelton describes his humble beginning, when his parents and old sister went to Zenith, West Virginia, for his birth. The village had a population of only nineteen……
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In his own words, Bob Skelton describes his humble beginnings. When his parents and older sister went to Zenith, West Virginia, for his birth, the village had a population of only nineteen;

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A Note by Bob Skelton for his Passionate Readers!

Many people start a book but never finish it. This book is not about making money; it’s about making a difference. I wanted to begin by explaining what is really going on in this country and the world as it relates to our mental health. It is hard to get people involved if they don’t see the need. The first couple of chapters are facts about this medical need.
Next, it is about how to spot that someone is struggling and the positive stories from the people who have found hope.

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What People Say About Bob Skelton

As someone who’s been through the wringer with mental health issues, Bob Skelton’s book ‘Suicide Is Preventable But not Predictable: Stories of HOPE’ is a literal gem for them.

“I’m a believer that “Suicide Is Preventable But Not Predictable: Stories of HOPE” has been a must-read for everyone since I was a kid. I suffered from different traumas that led me toward depression and anxiety, which caused suicidal thoughts in the end. Still, thanks to the author, Bob Skelton, when I started reading his book, I found out that it’s not just me who faced these traumas, and suicide is not optional.”

Lea Jordan

“I’m very fond of the author’s idea behind this book, as 80% of the individuals are the victims of depression; however, this book by Bob Skelton can be a great source for the readers seeking peace and stable mental health.”

Dr. Albert

“I’m truly captivated by the author’s concept; one of my friends recommended me this book. Now, I would like to highly recommend this book to those who feel suicidal. This book is a perfect read for them.”


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