What’s the Book About?

Suicide Is Preventable But not Predictable: Stories of HOPE,” written by Bob Seklton, is far more than an ordinary book. It emerges as a masterwork of insights, compelling readers to dismantle the shackles of stigma and embrace the nuances of mental well-being. This story will gently coax the reader to shed the fallacious notion of depression that only befalls others, making the candid revelation that nearly half of humanity will be trapped within its grasp at some juncture.

The author’s extraordinary work paints a vivid landscape of empathy and wisdom, creating an indomitable resolve to unravel the complexities of depression and navigate the arduous path to healing. The book summons readers to acknowledge the early whispers of despair, igniting the ember proactive intervention before it multiplies into an all-consuming blaze.

About The Book

Suicide is preventable but not predictable

Stories Of Hope

“Suicide Is Preventable But not Predictable: Stories of HOPE” is not just another book about depression but a rallying cry for change and understanding. Through insightful anecdotes, evidence-based research, and heartfelt reflections, the book sheds light on the devastating impact of depression on individuals and society. It confronts the alarming statistic that depression ranks as a leading cause of human suffering and suicide.

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Suicide Awareness Month

This book is not the solution to the problem of depression but rather an alert. It is the yellow light before the signal turns red. It is the warning you and I need. It is the reminder we need that it can get better. It is preventable, but only if you are willing to try.
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