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In his own words, Bob Skelton describes his humble beginnings. When his parents and older sister went to Zenith, West Virginia, for his birth, the village had a population of only nineteen; after his birth, it became twenty. His father gave the delivering physician two chickens for his services.
If you want to remember Bob, this is how he says it: “He is a ‘two chicken’ from Zenith, West Virginia, population twenty.” Without question, that is a humble beginning!
When he was five years old, Bob’s family relocated to Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he lived until completing high school and being drafted into the military. Following his military service Bob entered the prosthetic program at the Bowman-Grey School of Medicine, studying there for two years before transferring to Duke Medical Center to finish the program. Bob and his wife, Sue, were married during the summer between those two schools.
After completion of the prosthetic program, Bob and Sue relocated to Florence, South Carolina, where Bob joined an established prosthetic practice. Four years later, their son Grant was born. Grant is now married to Rebecca and is the father of three children, Harrison, Suzanne and Adele.
Bob is a 3,600-hour multi/engine, instrument pilot, author, speaker and businessman.



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Suicide is preventable but not predictable

Stories Of Hope

This book is not the solution to the problem of depression but rather an alert. It is the yellow light before the signal turns red. It is the warning you and I need. It is the reminder we need that it can get better. It is preventable, but only if you are willing to try.

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